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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Words from Parents & Dragonflies Wednesday - my words regarding bullying and suicide

Today on Words from Parents and Dragonflies I want to discuss bullying again.  I just heard of a recent suicide, and this needs to stop!  I have written a number of times on this topic empathy the antidote to bullying; lessons from the Breakfast Club; and stop the shaming!  

As a parent what frustrates me is I know these things happen in schools and that it can be stopped by teachers.  We need to teach students empathy!  We need to stop teaching them "Bullying Prevention" because that focuses on bullying.  Why schools continue to create a culture of us vs.' them is beyond me.  Why can't schools create a culture of inclusion?  Even when schools think they are creating a culture of inclusion by having "diversity" clubs they are still often missing the kids that really need to feel they belong.  Just because a student is an athletic, honor student, or "well liked" doesn't mean they are not struggling emotionally.  If you ask a student who has emotional challenges how they are they will tell you "fine."  This is not true but only a mask to hide what is really going on inside.  A person with empathy will really check to make sure the person is "fine" instead of just buying the outside image the student is projecting. 

So I beg you all to start practicing EMPATHY!  Start reaching out to others so we can make a difference in this world for ALL people.  Don't take "fine" as an answer if you think a person is struggling emotionally.    I have posted this before, but here it is again - ways to have a positive school.  I have heard that competition is essential and necessary, but it is NOT!   A school setting should not be a place where we set up kids to compete to see who is smarter, prettier, stronger, better...  It should be a safe place to grow and learn all while developing a positive self-esteem.

"Suicide isn't cowardly.  I'll tell you what is cowardly; treating people so badly that they want to end their lives."  Ashley Purdy

Make a difference to stand up and fight for EMPATHY!  Please, I beg you to give a darn about other people in the world.  Focus on how to make the lives of other people better!!  RIP Kelsey

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