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They have been given names such as devil’s darning needle, ear sewer, horse stinger, skeeter hawk, and the snake’s servant. Actually, Dragonflies are beneficial, peaceful, and stunning. You are a Dragonfly if you are: ADD/ADHD, dyslexic, dysgraphic, Asperger’s, NLVD, autistic…

Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year starting out right with empathy

Today is Chinese New Year so Gung Hay Fat Choy!  

This is the year of the Horse:

It is also my year of Empathy so here's a video to get you thinking about empathy.  Are you able to put yourself in someone shoes of someone else?

So do you think about what it is like for other people or do you think only about what your own life and experiences are?  

Happy Chinese New Year!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Words from parents and dragonflies Wednesday

Words from Parents and Dragonflies Wednesday

~ “I'm so glad there's no school because it's too cold outside.  I'd rather be home than at school."  
From a student in elementary school

~ “Really, it's only cold outside why the heck does he have to stay home from school?  I'm willing to drive him to the front door.  Can't wait till  he goes back to school so I can go back to work I'm using up all my sick and personal days!"  

 From the parent of the student in elementary school

*** The parent was being funny by the way and was not upset or angry.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spiritual Sunday with Brendan James

Today, find your calm.   Your Sundays should be for time to focus on the positive, relax, and simplify your life.  Open your eyes and appreciate your family, life, and self.  Let go of all that stresses you today, it will still be here tomorrow. 

When you are able to mentally rest on your Sundays then you will be more prepared for your week.  We need to have the energy to make this world a better place for everyone. 

As many of you know I’m a Brendan James fan.  I love his voice and music.  He is very talented!  Here are a few videos from Brendan James.  He is currently taking some time off to be with wife and beautiful new baby girl but when he starts touring again he’s worth going to see! 

Have a blessed day my Dragonfly Friends!   

Jill Marie-Grandstaff Lam

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Words from Parents and Dragonflies Wednesday

Words from Parents and Dragonflies Wednesday

~ “I wish my daughter's teachers understood that she is trying hard instead of writing on her report card that she should be 'putting in more effort.' Wow, I can't believe they don't see that she is giving 110% already.  When they tell her that she isn't trying they are crushing her self-esteem. It just breaks my heart."

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Words from Parents and Dragonflies Wednesday- quote from a Dragonfly

Words from Parents and Dragonflies Wednesday

~ “Don't count me out.  I hate school but I really love to learn.  The reason I hate school is because teachers always made me feel stupid.  Why would I want to go to a place where people made me feel stupid and didn't believe in me?”  

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Words from Parents and Dragonflies Wednesday- quote from a parent of a child with a learning disability

Words from Parents and Dragonflies Wednesday
** To the new followers:  Every Wednesday I share quotes from parents and clients with their permission (although I allow them to remain anonymous).  Sometimes I add my own informational articles that are important.  The goal of these posts on Wednesday is to share thought, ideas, opinions, and experiences we would like others (teachers, family, friends, and school districts) to know.  Please feel free to email me or message me on my FB page The Dragonfly Forest.

~ “I’m as disappointed as my son is that the break is over.  It was so relaxing over these past few weeks not having to worry about re-teaching him everything once he gets home and if his teachers and peers were going to make him feel terrible about himself again.  I’m really starting to think Homeschooling is a much better option.  If only there was one teacher that cared enough about my son to help make school a better place for him to attend.”  

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

People are like snowflakes

People are like snowflakes so take some time to get to know the person before you judge them.  I posted this picture quote that I made on The Dragonfly Forest Facebook page but thought I'd share it here too since some of you have told me you don't have a Facebook account. 

Happy Tuesday to you my friends, I enjoy getting to know you!
Jill Marie-Grandstaff Lam

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Making 2014 the Year of Empathy: what you need to do

I am on a mission this year to make 2014 the year of EMPATHY!  Want to take this journey with me? Then here are some previous posts I have written on regarding Empathy & Shame.  After you have reviewed these posts you will have a stronger understanding of what I am doing and why.

So take this journey with me to make 2014 the YEAR OF EMPATHY.  Together we can make the world a better place!

(Blog posts from oldest to newest)

*Thanks for reviewing my past posts and being willing to join me on this quest!  This year I will continue to post on Empathy and ways you can help make the world a better place!  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One way to make 2014 better

Today is the first day of 2014.   If you are saying to yourself – “this isn’t where I want to be in my life,” then you have some serious work to do.

When we are not where we want to be or have a life we don’t want to have it mainly results from a failed expectation.  We expected things would be different (whatever that may mean for you).

I wrote a previous piece on Frustration is all about Expectations which is helpful in understanding how we become frustrated by others because we expect things from them that they cannot or will not be able to produce (behaviors, attitudes…).  In a nutshell, we become frustrated when we have an unmet expectation.  So to change our life we must change our expectations.

We often expect that we will have friends, family, happiness, love, joy, and other positive things in our lives.  For example, no parent wants their child to grow up to struggle in school, fail, and become a criminal, or drug addict but these things happen.  We become frustrated when these events do happen because they are not what we expect.  I’m not suggesting that we expect these things will happen so when they do happen we are not frustrated because we are now getting exactly what we expected.  Instead I’m saying stop expecting that life will be easy and perfect.

There is no such thing as perfect.  The beauty in many things are a result of being imperfect and unique.  No one ever told you that life was going to be easy but for some reason we expect that it will be easy.  Nothing worthwhile is easy and when things are easy it is because we have experience with them but I can assure you that the first time you had the experience it wasn’t easy. 

So make it a goal in 2014 to expect that life will be messy, life will challenge you, and life will be good when you learn to let go of things being “perfect.”  
Don’t strive to be an “ideal” weight be an “ideal” weight for you.  Don’t expect your children to be academic or athletic “super-stars,” accept them as a shining individual star.  When you expect your spouse or partner to read your mind and “know” everything about you then you are setting both of you up for frustration so be direct and explicit regarding what you want from them.  Anyway, you get the picture, right?

Make 2014 the year you accept that you are: PERFECTLY IMPERFECT!