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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What are movie theaters doing for people with disabilities?

Super excited that the new WOLVERINE movie is coming out this Friday.  I am so thrilled that I will be going to the first showing on Thursday night!  Yep, I am that kinda Dragonfly!  I love going to the movies! As an empathetic person I often think about the movie theater experiences of people with different types of disabilities.  I love that there are open areas where people in wheelchairs can sit next to their friends, although I honestly don't know from the perspective of a person in a wheelchair if these areas are really wheelchair friendly.  I do often think about my Dragonfly friends with sensory issues, impulsivity, deaf/hearing impaired, or who are blind/visually impaired.  

Here are some things you should know:

AMC has Sensory Friendly Films that are conducive to people with Autism, sensory issues, and their families.  Here's the link so you can check out times and locations in your area:  

AMC is also sponsoring special summer movies for only $3.00 where some of the proceeds go to the Autism Society - Check out to see where and when in your community:  Autism Society & AMC events.

It appears that AMC Theaters cares about people with disabilities. The company has what is called the Focus Program that hires people with disabilities to work at the theater.  I tried to link the video here so you can watch but I am computer challenged at times so here's the direct link to watch this heartwarming video of this program. AMC Focus Program.

Although these are great things AMC is doing, their employees need some empathy training (heck, I want to have empathy training programs in all schools & companies).  Recently a young couple with down syndrome was treated poorly by staff at an AMC here's the news video:

Regal Movie Theater appears to be getting ahead of the other theaters when it comes to providing access to movies for the deaf/hard of hearing and visually impaired.  

Check out these cool glasses: 

Although I hear from some of my Dragonfly friends that they don't like the glasses and I understand that because I dislike going to 3D movies because I don't like the glasses.  I would be fine if the movie displayed open captions right on the screen.  I often have the captions on at home.    
Just because YOU don't have a specific disability does not mean you can't advocate so everyone can enjoy the movie theater experience!   

Here's something you can do: A bill was introduced in March (S.555-Cinema Act) to make it a discriminatory practice to not provide movie access to people with visual and hearing disabilities.  Go here for more info: Senate Bill 555