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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Someone you should know: Nelson Mandela

Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela who turns 95 today-- July 18, 2013.  

Nelson Mandela is someone you should know!  

Did you know that the United States is not the only place where there is a racial divide?  The Apartheid in South Africa didn't end until 1994 so there are still many racial challenges to overcome. Sadly, many Americans do not understand the severe racial segregation of the apartheid.  For decades (even in the 1990's) black people were legally allowed to be treated inferior to the white people.  People were segregated based on the color of their skin in all areas of their lives: schools, housing, medical care, beaches, and so on.  

Nelson Mandela stood up for equality and against the apartheid which resulted in years of imprisonment.  He never gave up hope.  He kept his faith and eventually became the president of South Africa from 1994 - 1999.  He is a model of acceptance, freedom, equality, and empathy.  

Children around the world should be educated on the history of South Africa and Nelson Mandela.  We can only hope to make changes for a better world when we learn from the mistakes we make.   Equality for all humans is the goal!