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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

7 things to do for a positive 2017

2016 is now over and it is time to reflect back on the year... 

1.)  Overall did you have a good year?  

2.)  Would you do it all the same if you could do it over?

3.) Did you answer no to either of the top two questions?  

If so then you need to really think about what you need to change in yourself, attitude, beliefs, environment, situation.... for 2017.

You need to look at the lessons you have learned over the last year and how to work not repeating any mistakes.  We all make mistakes.  In fact, mistakes are great, they help us learn who we really are and what we really like and dislike.  We learn more from the mistakes we make than the things we do right.  

So here's what you can do to prepare for the next year:

1.) Appreciate all the mistakes you have made over the last year because these things taught you a lot about yourself and the world around you.

2.) Focus not on the negative things that happened to you but the positive things that occurred - this includes our lessons learned.  

3.) Focus on the positive things you want to bring into your life in the year 2017.  Write down a list of these positive things you want in your life.  Remember what we focus on we expand.

4.) Don't make a list of resolutions such as, "I will lose 10 pounds."  Instead make a list of aspects of life you want to  improve in yourself - "I will be loving to others,"  "I will accept myself for who I am," and "I will focus on the positive."  

5.) Remember when you focus on the negative or stress over things that are happening in your life you are bringing in negative energy.  Negative begets negative and no one deserves to live a negative life (if you just thought of someone you think deserves a negative life than you just brought negative energy on yourself - not the other person - you are only harming yourself!).

6.) Let go of expectations.  You will not have a perfect life - shit happens all the time.  If you expect things to be a certain way you will become disappointed and this is negative energy.  Don't expect things to go wrong but don't expect them to be perfect either.  Just enjoy the moments as they are occurring.  So what the dog just pooped in the closet -clean it up and move on- don't let it ruin your whole day.  So what you were late to the meeting - let it go - you finally got there right?  If others are upset with you because you are late that's their negative energy don't allow it to make you negative.  Don't allow another person's negative energy to make you have negative self-talk.  

7.) Finally, want to know how to stop that negative self-talk?  We all do it from time to time and some do it more than others so here's how to stop it from controlling you.   Every time you catch yourself having negative self-talk fight back.  Yep, fight back - argue back with yourself!  Shout it out loud if you have to - say the opposite the negative self-talk is saying.   For example, if the negative self-talk is saying that you are "no good and worthless" than fight back by strongly saying "Heck no, I am good and I do have worth."  You may not believe it at first but don't stop because eventually you will change that negative self-talk! 

So take some time to reflect over the last year and make positive plans for 2017!