The Dragonfly Forest

They have been given names such as devil’s darning needle, ear sewer, horse stinger, skeeter hawk, and the snake’s servant. Actually, Dragonflies are beneficial, peaceful, and stunning. You are a Dragonfly if you are: ADD/ADHD, dyslexic, dysgraphic, Asperger’s, NLVD, autistic…

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Strength of Motherhood on Mother's Day with "My Left Foot" the story of Christy Brown

Happy Mother's Day to all those moms out there!!

Strength comes from within and from those around us.  The life story of Christy Brown and the movie My Left Foot is a perfect example.  Daniel Day-Lewis is superb as Christy and Brenda Fricker is outstanding as his mother (of course they both won Oscars for their roles)! Let Christy and his mother be your Strength to stay focus and keep fighting every day!

I have seen this movie at least a dozen times (if you have not seen it once then please do- it is worth it).  After becoming a mother I saw this movie from a different perspective - from the eyes of a mother.  When you are a parent of a child with special needs in any way your heart can bleed.  It aches because, as a mother, we can't take the pain away.  I know I would if I could. I would make things better in my own children's lives so they wouldn't have to have teachers assume that they are lazy or don't care because I know they care I also know some things are just really difficult. 

A mother's heart is always full and this movie is a great example of love and strength!