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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Judging Miley Cyrus

Well, the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) was a few days ago and people cannot stop talking about Miley Cyrus, how she looked, how she danced (twerked), how she acted... the list goes on and on and on.

I was watching the VAM's and was not pleased by Miley's performance but I don't hold her fully accountable.  There are many people that had power and control to make sure this kind of display did not occur on a television show that younger children may be watching.  Some of these people actually have their frontal lobes more developed so they should have known better but that's just it... they did know better.  The media, MTV staff, Miley's "people", the record producers... (again the list can go on and on) knew that there would be backlash they knew the "We Can't Stop" video is sexual.  They knew that Miley is working hard to sell herself as a sexual being and NOT Hannah Montana.  They should have known that Miley's frontal lobes are not currently developed so the CEO of her brain thinks what she is doing is just fine - typical of a teenage brain (by the way the frontal lobes don't fully develop until a person is in their mid to late 20's and later if impaired by drugs and alcohol).

So, if you have made judgement against Miley then you need if those judgement are based on facts or just your own perceptions of the world.  Most of the time we make judgments based on our own frames of references and then use confirmation bias to back these up.

I purpose that you gain facts before judging people.  You don't want people to judge you based on some of your actions do you?  I certainly do not want people to base their entire judgement of me based on something I did when I was a teenager!  Give her a chance to grow up and mature.  If you want to vent your frustrations then do so at the MTV people for condoning these types of videos or the people who are earning millions off of these types of videos.  The fault is with the media really!