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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spiritual Sunday Importance of thinking of others

I am re-sharing this from Feb. 2, 2014 today because I'm shocked at the way some people are treating others.  I've been tempted to make a picture quote saying something like this: "I have no idea what 'life rule' you are following because it can't be the 'Golden Rule' because I'm sure you don't want me treating you as badly as you are treating me.  I'm also sure it can't be the 'Platinum Rule' because I surely don't want to be treated like this.  So since you are treating me so poorly all I can do is be glad that I believe in the 'Karma Rule."  I have not made the pic quote yet because I want to get the right words down & I need to let go of some of the anger.  It makes me angry when I'm treated disrespectfully by someone because I have integrity & I was raised to be respectful.  Obviously, the person who is treating me this way needs some serious help and must have some serious issues!  So here's a re-post of a thinking of others!  Have a great Sunday! 

Do you think of others or are you self-absorbed?  Do you think about how your actions impact the lives and feelings of others? Many people don't.  Many people are so caught up in themselves that they have a narrow and ego-eccentric view of the world and perception that others think and feel what they are feeling.

This kinda relates to what we call in psychology as-- the false-consensus effect or false-consensus bias.  This is when people over-estimate how many people are like them- an assumption that others have the same thoughts, beliefs, values, and experiences.  

We have to remember that everyone has their own frame of reference (personal experiences) that influence their perceptions on events.  If we assume that people are experiencing and event the same way we are then we most likely are wrong.  Yes, sometimes we do have shared similar experiences but most of the time we do not because we are all individuals.  Remember it is more important to follow the Platinum Rule & not the Golden Rule!

Today, when you are with others and they are talking to you about things think about what kind of perception the other people may be having instead of just thinking about how you are perceiving the experience.    

We need to think outside of our perceptions.  Similar to the exercise for "Thinking outside of the box" do this today: 
1.   Know you own perceptions of the world  (beliefs, values, experiences...)
2.   Embrace your perceptions (this is self-acceptance)
3.   Push outside of your perceptions and think about what it is like for the other person!
4.   Practice seeing the perceptions of others so that you can have more empathy and compassion (this needs practice because we revert back to ego-eccentric thinking until we are fluent in this skill)