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Monday, January 21, 2013

Celebrating Diversity: A Class Divided lesson on discrimination

Celebrating Diversity:  A Class Divided lesson on discrimination
To celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day Jane Elliott’s class lesson in the late 60’s will be posted.  The full hour version is posted here and in the instant gratification world we live, in an hour is too long for most people to pay attention.  This is such a valuable lesson in the areas of confirmation bias, implicit bias (*explanation of these below), and the impact of discrimination.  Please show your respect today and take the time to watch this video.  The lessons are not just about race but any perceived difference. 
*(Confirmation bias is the process of paying attention to information about a person/topic/issue that confirms (validates) your belief/opinion and ignoring, minimizing, or rationalizing the information that does not support your belief/opinion. Implicit bias is the unconscious attitudes and beliefs that can be expressed overtly or covertly.)