The Dragonfly Forest

They have been given names such as devil’s darning needle, ear sewer, horse stinger, skeeter hawk, and the snake’s servant. Actually, Dragonflies are beneficial, peaceful, and stunning. You are a Dragonfly if you are: ADD/ADHD, dyslexic, dysgraphic, Asperger’s, NLVD, autistic…

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Words from Parents and Dragonflies Wednesdays

 We know that our child is different; you do not need to point out how different or awkward she is compared to her peers, especially normal peers.  Do you think we are not aware of this?  Do you think that by pointing it out you will be doing us a favor?  Well, it hurts.  If you must share something do so tactfully. 

No parent wants their child to have a disability, to be excluded, or feel different.