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Friday, February 28, 2014

What does diversity really mean?

We need to accept diversity- this means ALL kinds of diversity!  

I have not been on over the last few days because I have a lot of anger built up inside of me and was not sure if I would be able to be appropriate.  See, I was at a "Diversity" meeting for a school district recently and in the meeting they were planning to have a "Diversity" conference that consisted of discussion on the following topics- Race; Gay/Bi/Trans/Curious; Culture... but there was nothing planned for Learning Diversity.  Wow, this is a school setting and they still cannot talk about learning differences.  

This makes me very frustrated because this is one of the issues that is causing a big problem in all school districts with students who do not fit into the school "academic" environment because they are different.  This needs to be address.  I'm so frustrated right now that it didn't even cross the minds of the leaders of the "Diversity" committee that I can't continue this post.  When people lack empathy it breaks my heart.

Let me just say that "Diversity" is more than just black and white.  For those of you who do not know, I have biracial children (White & Asian).  There is very little discussion in the "Diversity" meetings about this topic either but it is also important to discuss.  

I think a great way for students to express themselves is via Poetry Slams - Here are great videos to watch about diversity from Poetry Slam 

Alex Dang's "What Kind of Asian Are You?"  

Neil Hilborn - "OCD"

Matt Robertson - "Traditional Learning"

I posted some other wonderful Poetry from Suli Breaks!