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They have been given names such as devil’s darning needle, ear sewer, horse stinger, skeeter hawk, and the snake’s servant. Actually, Dragonflies are beneficial, peaceful, and stunning. You are a Dragonfly if you are: ADD/ADHD, dyslexic, dysgraphic, Asperger’s, NLVD, autistic…

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A lesson you can learn from the Job interview video

There is a current video going viral right now on the internet about a job interview- watch it first:  

So, did it make you think?  Hopefully it did.  I'm not going to comment too much for those who have not seen the video and just want to read - I will post that tomorrow & add the link here - Part 2.  

Today, I want to touch base on Empathy.  Have you ever thought about the job another person has to do for a living?  I mean do you go into a restaurant and just expect to always "have it your way?" What thoughts have you had about the person who picks up your trash/recycling or the person who teaches your children?

We know how much effort and energy we put into our own jobs and lives but are we aware of what others are doing?  Not that often really.  Most of the time people only think about others.  Most people do not think that another person has a life full of pain, heartache, happiness, joy...  This video points out that we often get caught up in our own experiences.  

So today, your assignment is to think about the life of every person you interact with and know that they are experiencing things you know nothing about so be kind and considerate.  Most importantly, do not judge.