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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bono- 5 things I learned from Bono

Paul David Hewson - aka: Bono from the group U2 is very passionate about a lot of causes and great at bringing awareness to many who do not have a strong voice or no voice at all.  Today, May 10th is his birthday so here are 5 things I have learned from Bono and will share with you!  

1.)  Every person matters in this world and each of us has the power to make a difference.  It doesn't matter where we come from, what level our education, or how much money/status we have --- we all can make the world a better place!

2.)  Get to know other people - really get to know them, especially if they are different from you and have a opposite point of view. Find common ground with every person you get to know.  This will enlighten your mind and expand your world view.  

3.) What we focus on we expand so keep perspective on the positives. Face the reality of the negative but see the bigger picture and go toward intentional change!  Here's an amazing video of Bono doing just this... 

4.) Have faith and believe in yourself!  Many people believe that they have to have a lot of money, be famous, popular, large number of "likes" and "followers" to have value and worth.  This is so not true!  You have value and worth because you matter as a human being.  We all matter and we need to start having faith in ourselves. We need to value real people and not those that are famous and rich!

5.) Finally, I learned that our creative side needs to be expressed. Our creative side in our inner spirit and soul coming out in different forms of expression.  Nothing and no one is perfect.  Art isn't about perfection it is about self-expression.  Value the creative side of others as well.  I cannot sing or play an instrument but I can appreciate the creative side of others!  Bono once said "Music can change the world because it can change people."  This is so true and the music of U2 has made a strong impact on who I am as a person.  

I'll close with one of my favorite songs that enlightened me to see the world and experiences of others in a different light years ago. Miss Sarajevo is so powerful...