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Monday, May 16, 2016

How to do and be your best!

Motivational Monday - Coaching lesson...

In order to make a choice to do and be the best you can be each and every day you must understand what being and doing the best really means.  

Being and doing your best doesn't mean that things have to be perfect.  It doesn't mean that you will not make mistakes.  Many people have the crazy idea that being and doing the best means that they have to be flawless, a winner, wealthy, thin, admired by others, beautiful, never making mistakes, always successful.... This list could go on and on because most have no idea what exactly it means to be or do their best.

What doing and being your best really means:

~ You accept and love all of you.  You don't focus on obtaining physical perfection but instead accept yourself as you are and focus on being healthy.  Society has unrealistic standards of what people should look like.  For women we are bombarded with images and messages that we are not our best if we are not tall, thin, anorexic looking, smooth youthful skin...  Well, the majority of us don't look like these women so you have to stop thinking that this is the best - it is NOT!  Embrace yourself exactly how YOU look!  I'm not thin - I'm curvy!  I no longer have that youthful skin - I have saggy skin and many wrinkles but ummm I'm almost 50 years old I don't want to look like I'm 20 years old.  My eye wrinkles come from smiling, laughing, and loving life- they make me beautiful to me.  Remember that your opinion is the only one that matters in regards to how you look so love and appreciate all of you!

~ You value all the mistakes and failures that happen because you know that these are the best lessons we can learn and make us better and stronger.  Beating yourself up for making mistakes is not being the best you can be it is a form of self-abuse and self-bullying!  Doing your best is making mistakes - mistakes are great!

~ You know who you are, your likes, dislikes, thoughts, and opinions ... or you are working on discovering who you are!  You are not being the best you can be when you are following the opinions or actions of others without even knowing yourself.  You must define your box/yourself to be the best you can be and to do this you must really get to know why you like a certain color, song, book, movie, political candidate, movement, food... If you don't know who you are than you are not living authentically - not being your best!  BTW- if you ever need help discovering and defining yourself contact me at my office Forest Alliance Coaching or my Forest Alliance Coaching Facebook Page.

~ You are your own best friend. Each day you are the only one that you can count on to be there- so being the best you can be is also being your own best friend.  Support yourself and forgive yourself when you slip and treat yourself badly and have negative self-talk. When down, depressed, sad, overwhelmed - be there for yourself and lift yourself up!  Talk to yourself as you would talk to your own best friend!

~ You are doing your best when you take action!  Take the word try out of your vocabulary - remember Yoda "Do or do not - there is no try."  Every time you say the word try you are not doing your best!  Doing is action and try is inaction.  Replace the word try with other action words and you will see a difference in your own behavior.  The word try is an excuse.  For example, saying "I'll try to get the dishes done" actually gives your brain the sense that it will not really happen.  Instead say "I'll get the dishes done by the end of the day (or a specific time).  Taking the word "try" out of your vocab isn't easy but I promise it will make a positive difference in your life.

~Finally, doing your best means that for each activity you do you do it with integrity! Keep your intentions good for you and others.  If your intentions are negative, bad, to deceive.... than that is NOT being and doing your best!  

Best video & message- please watch Tim McGraw - Humble and Kind!